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Zachary Marcus Perlmuter is a Los Angeles-based poet, actor, teacher, and hip hop artist. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Zach has been working with Get Lit for close to five years performing at hundreds of shows, hosting and teaching workshops alongside some of L.A.’s best spoken word poets. He has appeared on the T.D. Jakes Show, several viral commercials for the #THATSNOTLOVE campaign (by One Love) which have accumulated over two million views. He has appeared in the 2017 production of Dante's Inferno: A Modern Adaptation, co-directed and produced by Cynthia Ettinger and Academy Award winner Tim Robbins. He visited New Mexico for the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Summit where he taught workshops and performed some of his poetry pieces. He performed and taught workshops at Wordstock, the Portland Book Festival, and several schools in the Oregon area. His story appears in a chapter of the award-winning Get Lit Rising book. Zach knows the power that words possess and the change that a positive mindset can bring. He wishes only to help whoever he can with what he has learned over the years.




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