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Olympia Miccio, also known as Ollie, is a  colorful-haired poet, musician, and actor who has performed at the United Nations, the LA Times of Festival of Books, the Regent theater, and many high schools and colleges across Southern California. They use they/them pronouns, and are very enthusiastic about videos of small frogs. They were formally a Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador and United Nations Peace Ambassador, were a featured speaker at the Teen Vogue panel at INTO ACTION. They also opened up for Emma Gonzales at The March for Our Lives in DC, and helped create posters for march, of which 50,000 were distributed nationwide. After attending Venice High School, Whittier College and The New School, they are now dropping out of college to do god knows what, probably disappointing their grandma. Don’t be sad for long grandma! I’m in a book! They were featured in Pamela Aldon's show Better Things on FX, and featured in the 2021 feature length film Summertime, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada.



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