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Summertime: Odes to LA

by the poets & artists of the feature film "Summertime"


(some Preview content is subject to change)

Summertime Odes to LA is an anthology of creative work, brought to you by the minds behind the feature film Summertime (2021). The book showcases an array of work that uncovers the often unseen corners of Los Angeles: poems from the movie, behind the scenes photographs, and deleted scenes. Along with new musings, such as essays, paintings, and collaborations with over 40 visual artists. An artful ode to the city we call home, SOTLA invites readers to dive into the stories of everyday people from a city with mythic grandeur. This anthology takes you on a journey through the valley of angels, illuminating the glamour, risk, heartache, and love that live in all of us—not just on Hollywood Blvd. SOTLA is your portal to & portrait of Los Angeles. We hope you find the name of a city you’ve never heard of, follow the bus routes we cherish, or experience the joy of a fantastic Yelp review.

This book is self-published and 100% of the proceeds will go to the poets.

"A movie made out of poems made back into the book of fire you now hold in your hands, Summertime: an Ode to LA is alive with language, love, and movement.  A beautiful collection!"

– Jericho Brown, Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet, scholar, and director of the Creative Writing Program at Emory University.

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